What We Do Subito's development philosophy places the strongest emphasis on producing software that not only functions properly, but also is structured to minimize future maintenance cost. We think that, too many times, the cost of modifications to a program exceeds the original cost of developing the program, due to unexpected results encountered during the modification. One way to reduce this 'deferred' cost is to design software that helps the programmer who will be modifying it in the future.Our team of experts as a group lend a balanced and discerning perspective to each service that we offer.
  • analysis & design
  • development, customization, support
  • application modernization
  • maintenance & upgrades
  • implementation & training
IBM System IOur experience in the IBM midrange platform reaches back decades, touching each of the iterations of RPG and CLP. These are some of the areas in which we work.
  • B2B interfaces
  • EDI formats
  • financial / mortgage applications
  • data warehousing
  • High Availability (HA)
4th DIMENSIONWe use the cross-platform (Windows/Mac) database tool, 4th Dimension, to develop databases, whether they "stand alone" or connect to an enterprise database. This RAD (Rapid Application Development) software enables us to develop database functions in a minimum of time and complexity.4D Environment Diagram

  • First Collateral Services:
    • Since 1988, Subito Systems has developed enhancements to the LIBERTY Banking System on an IBM System i platform for First Collateral Services, a mortgage warehousing company in Walnut Creek, California. First Collateral Services required a wholesale commercial loan application that is able to derive interest charges for b2b customers based upon value-dated balances for transactions back-dated up to one year.
    • Our solution was to modify the retail Commercial Loan Application in LIBERTY to accrue interest based upon the value-dated balances in the customer's statement period rather than upon a daily ledger basis. Additionally, we replaced a "5250 interface" with a client/server application written in 4th Dimension that transmitted data to and from the System i. Subsequently, we then:
      • Established links with banking institutions to submit electronic funds transfers from the System i.
      • Implemented their web site to enable their customers to submit their transactions to the System i.
      • Developed a data warehouse for strategic planning.
      • Interfaced their database with Salesforce.com.

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