Who We AreSubito Systems was established in July, 1988, as a partnership between Jorge L. Caceres and T. Anthony Breen. Together with a team of long-associated programming-partners, Subito has been able to provide a wide range of successful solutions to our clients over the years. T. Anthony Breen joined Bank of America's International Systems division as a systems analyst in 1976, specializing in financial accounting systems. In 1982, he founded Tunnel Road Consultants, Inc., a systems consulting firm located in Berkeley, CA., and then in 1988, he became a partner of Subito Systems. He is a graduate of the University of California, Berkeley, in 1968, with a degree in Economics. Jorge L. Caceres has been a systems analyst / software developer since 1981, when he started with Bank of America's International Systems division. He joined ESPRIT in 1984 as a systems project leader for a point-of-sale application, and later, for an international manufacturing application. He became a partner of Subito Systems in 1988. Jorge has a degree in computer programming from Francisco Marroquin University, Guatemala City. "references available upon request"

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